Invited talks

I am frequently invited to speak to public bodies and regulators, at policy forums and industry meetings. In summary, my invited speaking engagements since 2008 are as follows:

    2015 Beesley Lecture on the future funding of the BBC, Institute of Directors, London (Oct 2015)

    Keynote speaker, DCMS/BERR Convergence Think Tank seminar on Competition and Innovation: Content and Services, London (Mar 2008)

    BBC Charter review:
  • Roundtable on the BBC Charter with the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, London (Sep 2016)
  • LSE workshop on BBC Governance, London (Nov 2015)
  • BBC Trust public seminar on Tomorrow’s BBC: Future Funding, London (Oct 2015)
  • BBC Trust/Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism workshop on the Economics of Broadcasting, Oxford (Jan 2013)
    EU Digital Single Market strategy and other media policy developments:
  • BLACA meeting on the European Commission's proposed portability regulation (Mar 2016)
  • MaCCI conference on New Media: Industry Development and Public Policy, Mannheim (Oct 2015)
  • TSE/ULB workshop on the Digital Single Market in Europe, Brussels (May 2015)
  • AGCOM/International Institute of Communications workshop on The Challenges of Convergence, Rome (Dec 2011)
  • EUI Florence School of Regulation conference on Pluralism and Competition in the Regulation of New Media, Florence (Nov 2011)
  • IDEI 5th Bi-annual Conference on the Economics of the Software and Internet Industries, Toulouse (Jan 2009)
  • ENCORE Annual Conference, Competition in Media Markets, Hilversum (May 2008)
     Competition policy / antitrust:
    Seminars at competition and regulatory authorities:
  • Ofcom, London (Oct 2008)
  • Competition Commission (now Competition and Markets Authority), London (Aug 2008)
  • Autorité de Régulation des Communications Électroniques et des Postes (ARCEP), Paris (May 2008)
     Industry meetings:
  • LSE Network Economy Conference (May 2013)
  • LSE Network Economy Forum workshop on Policies for a Sustainable Telecommunications and Internet Sector in Europe (Mar 2013)
  • Special Regulation Discussion Meeting on Communications, London (Feb 2013)
  • IESE Business School 2nd Audio-Visual Industry Meeting, Barcelona (Nov 2008)
  • LECG Digital Media workshop, Paris (Jun 2008)
    Other talks:
  • Barcelona GSE Summer Forum on the Digital Economy, Barcelona (Jun 2017)
  • TSE/IDEI 8th Biannual Conference on the Economics of Intellectual Property, Software and the Internet, Toulouse (Jan 2015)
  • CCRP 13th Workshop in Competition and Regulatory Policy, London (Jan 2012)
  • CCRP 8th Workshop in Competition and Regulatory Policy, Aston (Jul 2009)
  • TILEC Workshop on Competition Policy and Regulation in Media Markets, Tilburg (Jun 2009)