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Research impact

My research has had significant impact beyond academia, in public policy and competition inquiries. The following papers have been cited (without being submitted by me) in a number of consultations and reports affecting the broadcasting industry, and used as a framework for assessing competition issues in the pay TV sector.

Weeds (2015), “TV Wars: Exclusive Content and Platform Competition in Pay TV”

This paper has been adopted as a basis for assessing input foreclosure in the following competition investigations in the pay TV sector in the UK and elsewhere:

(a)  Ofcom Pay TV market investigation (2007-10)
(b)  Pay TV Appeals to the Competition Appeal Tribunal (2010-2012)
  • Cited in documents which are subject to confidentiality
(c)   Competition Commission Movies on pay TV market investigation (2010-2012)
(d)  France: Autorité de la concurrence Opinion on TV content access exclusivity offers (2009)

Armstrong & Weeds (2007), “Public Service Broadcasting in the Digital World”

This work is cited extensively in the following BBC Trust report: